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Leniwiec is looking for a vocalist

Leniwiec is looking for a vocalist




Name: Zbyszek Muczyński

Nick: Mucha (the fly), Elvis, Jehudi Menuhin, Jaruzel

Born: 77

In Leniwiec since: 1994

Function in band: vocal, gitara, guitar, speeches and 6-year plans, the driver, manager, technical, cleaning.

Hobby: castles, mountains, hockey, roller skating

Kontakt: tel. (+48) 503 022 104

Characteristics: 40kg less than the other musicians, he likes order, he knows everything and he likes to talk about it very carefully



Name: Paweł Nykiel

Nick: Cyna, Cyna z Jarocina, Strange Snake, Carl Zeiss, Bizon

Born: 81

In Leniwiec since: 1997

Function in band: trombone, accordion, chorus, confusion, sometimes he write some hit song:)

Hobby: books, computer games, drinks of the world

Characteristics: hands in their pockets every time there is something to be done, no plans for the future, vampire carnation. He can survive weeks on the water and pasta. He also owns the world's only Kadett produced in Japan



Name: Paweł Wrocławski

Nick: Rusek, Orion, Kapitan Clark

Born: 1979

In Leniwiec since: 2008

Function in band: guitar, music, sometimes he write some lyric, the driver, searching for harmony and cables in the case.

Hobby: weird movies, sound engineering, mountains, books

Characteristics: he knows that you played the wrong chord even stretch out a guitar from the case.



Name: Wojciech Wiktorski

Nick: Winial, Mr Hyde

Born: 76

In Leniwiec since: 1994 (until 1997) and again since 2011

Function in band: bass, chorus, preparing tea for the road.

Hobby: books, pubs, mountains, bike

Characteristics: he is the only one who remembers the very first days of the band.



Name: Jakub Matusiak

Nick: Jasza, Pepesza

Born: 89

In Leniwiec since: 2011

Function in band: drums, chorus.

Hobby: cars, hiking and climbing, music, pathological events

Characteristics: In matters of speech and silence, argues forcefully for the silver.